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>> reporter: i can tell you that traffic is flowing smoothly right now here in pal alto. but about an hour ago, this accident was cleared, this vehicle was sitting here all day where the accident happened. i just confirmed with family members that another sister sadly died in the crash. shortly before 7:00 this morning, a father and mother from san bruno and their fort daughters were driving on north bound 101 when their suv crashed into the back of a chp car that had stopped on the shoulder to help a stranded motorist. >> the father was driving the vehicle and all the other passengers in the rear were his daughters. the mother was in the right front passenger seat. >> reporter: officers say a 24-year-old woman was thrown from the suv and died at the scene. relatives tell us her name is nitha. another sister was taken here where she underwent emergency surgery. family members tell us she died
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at the hospital. the accident forced several lanes to shut down while investigators collected evidence. all lanes were reopened around 1:30 this afternoon. >> as of right now, we don't think that alcohol or drugs is a factor in this traffic collision. >> reporter: several shopping bags from the suv were strewn on the highway. but investigators won't say if the family had been out early shopping on black friday. the championship officer involved in the crash suffered minor injuries. he was treated and released from the hospital. arrests this weekend are down so far compared to last year. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the chp says 455 drivers were arrested yesterday for driving under the influence on state highways, down from 481 last year. in the bay area, no deadly
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crashes yesterday or wednesday. statewide, there were six deadly car crashes yesterday, compared to nine in 2011. people stuck on board a yacht in the san francisco bay got quite the rescue response this afternoon when they called 911. it happened near the berkeley marina. the boat's earning got caught in reverse and started taking on water. none of the eight people on board was hurt. a dog, cat and snake were also rescued. officials say calm weather played a big role in the smooth rescue. >> luckily it was a calm day on the bay. they weren't dealing with a difficult chop or anything like that. but yeah, they're uneasy. they wanted to get off that boat. >> the boat was towed into the marina for repair. shoppers were everywhere today, and it started really early, actually late last night. shoppers at the mall in
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livermore were undeterred. ten hours later the lines to get inside were still long. at one store there was a 90-minute wait for an early bird special that had already expired. the hangups didn't seem to damper people's spirits. >> who doesn't love black friday? >> the deal is gone actually. >> we did an hour just to get here and another 30 minutes to park. >> was it worth the hour driving and hour parking? maybe. but it's black friday and that's what you do. >> reporter: some people were so dedicated to scoring those shopping deals they came stagt from the airport and asked the management office to keep an eye on their luggage while they shopped. the streets around union square were packed. . but as it turns out, shopping was just one of the main
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attractions. ♪ >> reporter: it's one of the few shopping meccas where the shopping is upstaged by the sideshow. black friday in san francisco's union square. shoppers shared space with protesters and anyone else seeking an audience. >> a lot of people making me nervous, you know, this is the most people i've performed in front of. >> this is what it's all about. shop, don't be afraid, america. shop, spend your money. come down here and have a good time. that's what helps us. that's how you pay it forward. >> i like feeling the energy of everybody. so it's just -- i like being in the crowd. i like being with people and get
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excited and i like it. ♪ >> reporter: there were sidewalk performers and of course, fur. >> peta is letting shoppers know compassion is the fashion and we're encouraging them not to buy fur or leather. >> reporter: the city even got into the holiday spirit by moving construction equipment on stockton street. it not only reopened the street for shoppers, it temporarily repaved it. but despite department stores at every turn, you didn't have to be a shopper to enjoy the show. >> we don't have this in france, the black friday. so it's kind of cool to see the american culture. >> and if the crowds and bags were any evidence, the american shopping culture was in fine form today. ♪ >> the crowds at one store
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chain, walmart employees staged protests today. some have walked out over poor conditions, some object to the new black thursday work schedule. others say they aren't safe in the stampedes with the sales. employees handed out flyers and carried out signs. local union members lent their support. >> wages, benefits, those are all the things that a walmart associate needs to feed their family. they can't do that on $8 an hour. >> a spokesman calls the strike an exaggerated publicity campaign aimed at generating headlines to mislead retailers, customers and employees. the company is having its most profitable black friday ever. black friday is wrapping up. now it's time for small business saturday. many people avoiding the big chain shopping and looking forward to buying local. jodi hernandez has more on that. jodi?
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>> reporter: i'm at ford street and berkeley, a street where the majority of stores are small business owner operated. merchant here very much want shoppers to take part. they say the push to buy local is a win-win for everyone. >> let's put the money where it counts. >> reporter: natalie of oaklandish is urging shoppers to kick off the shopping season at a place like this campaigns like plaid friday, in the black, and small business saturday are all part of efforts to push shoppers toward mom and pop operations. >> whatever name we come up with, it's all about shopping. >> it's an alternative to the big box. keep your money circulating within your local community. >> reporter: while much of the christmas shopping hype centers
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around retail chains, helen bullwick says small business plays a big role in the holiday shopping picture. >> the strength of the small retailer is in creating and developing unique products that don't require sale prices but are very special and something that people want. >> reporter: at 4th street and berkeley, we found plenty of people looking for gifts that stand out. the ark toy store is packed with items you may not find elsewhere. but they're well made and memorable, the kind of specials some are seeking. >> i don't know if i could find this at a toy store or not. even if i could, i would rather buy it here, yeah. >> reporter: christine and her daughter also made it a point to steer clear of the crowded shopping malls, opting to support local business on black friday. >> i like looking at things
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where i imagine somebody around here having made it. > reporter: we are back here live on 4th street and berkeley where it is decked out for the holidays. a beautiful scene out here. merchants are hoping that folk also give them a boost and take part in small business saturday. but they want shoppers to keep them in mind all season long. reporting live in berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. still ahead, scott budman has a look at how tech fans faired on this black friday and the gadgets catching their eyes. also, a look at the rowdy scenes from scores across the nation as shoppers get a little too in the spirit. also ahead, the important vote in congress next week that could have a big impact on businesses here in the silicon valley. and the technology pot growers are increasingly using to avoid detection from police. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather
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center. dropping close to the 40s for some of you in the north bay, with 51 right now in napa. we'll have a look at the temperatures and if you're heading out to san francisco, they had the official free lighting ceremony. it's going to be cold with some wind. that's coming up.
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a san jose firefighter is recovering after a ceiling collapsed on him as he was fighting a three-alarm fire. it broke out around 8:00 last
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night. the flames raced through four apartments and damaged two others. a water logged ceiling broke loose and fell on the 16-year veteran. >> he was injured by a piece of large sheetrock, a ceiling that had fallen in when he was in the stairwell. so it had fallen from a considerable height. >> the firefighter was rushed to a nearby hospital with a concussion and fractured vertebrae. officials believe the fire was accidental. memorial services will be held tomorrow for a young man who was shot and killed last week in apattempted carjacking in san jose. 22-year-old rory park was killed by two armed robbers who went on a crime spree in san jose on november 16. they are accused of murder, robbing four east san jose businesses, and having a shootout with police that left one officer hurt. jonathan willbanks is in custody. a donation fund has been set up
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for the victim's burial costs. police are investigating a shooting at a san rafael nightclub that put two men in the hospital. it happened at club 101 on west francisco boulevard. police say a fight broke out and moved outside. at that time shots rang out. the cause is not known. both victims were taken to the hospital and treated for gunshot wounds. the city of martinez is cracking down on aggressive panhandlers. a new city ordinance would ban pan handlers from intimidating people or putting someone's safety at risk if they don't give them money and prohibits panhandling within ten feet of intersections on highways and off ramps. police encourage people to give money to organizations that help the homeless rather than give spare change. another step back to closing california's budget deficit.
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the steal of the state's first pollution permits brought in much less money than expected. the governor and lawmakers projected three auctions would raise $1 billion. but now analysts project it will only bring the state around $216 million. the governor's january budget could reflect the lower projections. illegal marijuana growers appear to be growing green. investigators say growers around the country are turning to solar power to remain off the grid and avoid deduction. police in new mexico said it's a growing crime and have busted many illegal marijuana operations that use solar panels. authorities in california say they're patrolling the wine country for solar panel thefts. they believe they're being used to grow pot. in the sierra, this year's black friday turned out to be fairly white. here is a look at conditions on
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the roads and on the slopes. >> reporter: these snowmen were hanging out in mud and grass, and the skiers and snowboarders were headed higher up. >> it's better than waiting in line at a mall somewhere, right? >> reporter: so far early subpoena storms have dumped fair amounts of snow, but only at the upper elevations, mainly above 7,000 feet. how do you find the conditions today? >> a little bit icy. so when you fall, it hurts a little bit more. >> reporter: they normally open the lower runs first, but this year flipped things around. this is the first thanksgiving in ten years that the lift near the summit has been running. overall, the season is off to a type start, thanks to the snow and the improving economy and pent up demand following a so-so season last year. >> already for thanksgiving day and going into the weekend,
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we've seen some great crowds. >> reporter: still no top-to-bottom skiing here, so to get back down to the bottom, you have to get on a lift. still, most didn't seem to mind and say if conditions stay like this, they'll be back. >> we're going to make it a habl habit now. >> reporter: homewood resort on the west shore planned to open today but had to push the opening back until december 14. >> if you are going to hit the slopes, this is a great weekend to do it. let's get a check of the forecast. >> that's right. dry conditions, so if you're traveling up to see yara, some smooth sailing. let's get you into today's highs. it was warm out here, near record setting. 71 in santa rosa. 71 in redwood city. santa cruz popping up to 72.
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and down here in the south bay, 70 in san jose. about 5 to 8 degrees above our averages for this time of the year. numbers dropping to the coldest levels up in the north bay. napa at 51 degrees. 56 in sunnyvale. 61 in downtown. cupertino 56 and 56 in sunnyvale. let's go outside live in san jose. we have some haze, but in terms of any major cloud cover or fog, we'll not have that happen tonight as we've been talking about those, some deadly accidents happening in california. so take it slow with all the commuters. downtown san francisco is lit up beautifully tonight. no major fog and a sleigh offshore flow with us. look at all these cars. this is like a typical rush hour
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night. we're going to have video coming up from downtown san francisco coming up later in the show. while we talked about dry conditions, we're not going to be hazard free tonight or tomorrow morning. our biggest concern will be on the interstate 5 corridor from tracy to fresno. this morning, we had visibility of a 10th of a mile or less. as far as weather and travel days, we are on time. this is what we like to see this time of the year, in san francisco, oakland and san jose and santa mateo. all right, let's brick r bring your into our future cast. you can see for tomorrow morning, no major fog and throughout saturday, one of the sunniest days we have seen in
6:20 pm
weeks. clear by 2:00 a.m. and we'll keep those sunny skies with us throughout the afternoon. st saturday, temperatures here for tomorrow if you're heading out, should be popping up in the low 70s for the interior valleys with sunshine. on your three-day forecast, here are some things you should pay attention to. no rainfall yet. mid and upper 60s by monday. definitely some cooling. we'll hold off on the rainfall until wednesday, thursday and friday of next week, a real active pattern shaping up in the pacific. in fact, tracking two different storms throughout next week's forecast that could bring us over an inch of rain. more sierra snow, maybe some storms and wind of 15 to 30 miles per hour. that's coming up in that seven-day forecast. i think i'm still full from last night. i'm feeling sluggish tonight.
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>> thanks, jeff. it has a scenic view and upscale address. this new house in san francisco is the sweetest in town, literally. pastry chefs of san francisco unveiled the newest ginger bread house. it's 22 feet tall with over 7,000 pieces of ginger bread and 1200 pounds of icing. it's so big, it has a village inside. >> everyone wants to taste it. they say it smells so good. people enjoy it. it's well worth the work. >> people do it. chefs have to keep plenty of backup parts for people who sneak in for a nibble. still ahead at 6:00, hewlett packard on the defensive tonight. and congress prepares to vote on a major immigration bill that could impact local tech companies. and a recall for a widely used
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cholesterol drug. back in two minutes.
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congress may have taken the thanksgiving holiday weekend off, but that doesn't mean a break in talks about the impending fiscal cliff. lobbyists are launching new tv print and radio ads. lawmakers are struggling to agree on a deficit cutting deal and now are facing added pressure from special interest groups. danielle lee has more from washington. >> reporter: congress may need to drown out the noise next week as they look more common ground to avoid $500 billion in tax increases. several unions launched an ad campaign, pressuring lawmakers to protect entitlement programs. >> for working families, it's not about cutting things we rely on most. >> reporter: advocates for the
6:25 pm
elderly, weaponsmakers, the oil and gas industry, even charity. >> congress has failed to do its job for the past ten years and they are so far continuing to fail to do their job. >> reporter: rick edleman worries the tug of war could end with no solution. a real possibility, as democrats reject spending cuts and republicans resist tax increases. >> if you're in congress, you can reduce taxes on january 2 relative to the new rates that prevail starting then. >> reporter: it's a dance analysts doubt lawmakers will risk taking. >> since it will affect every voter, i suspect there whether be a deal. >> reporter: lawmakers will start next week committed to compromise. in washington, danielle lee, nbc news. in health matters tonight, news for patients who take medication for high cholesterol.
6:26 pm
those two take the generic form of lipitor could check their bottles. some batches might contain small glass particles. the drug maker is recalling some 10, 20 and 40 milligram doses. there is no recall of the 80 milligram version. if you have a headache, there's an app for that. they came up with a wireless intervention headache diary that records symptoms the moment they happen. >> the app, you're able to keep it with you all the time and just record. they can come online and learn progressive relaxation techniques, about how to reduce their headache. >> reporter: researchers say the data helps people learn about and avoid headache triggers. still to come at 6:00, black
6:27 pm
friday in full swing with plenty of swinging as shoppers clash. we'll show you the video. plus -- >> i'm scott budman. big crowds, big discounts and lots of new technology. we'll have the black friday mall report coming up. also ahead, concern over the cease-fire in gaza after a deadly shooting at the border. we'll have the latest. and what egypt's president did that led to violent protests in cairo.
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the holiday shopping season is officially under way, earlier than ever, with some stores opening thanksgiving night. shoppers were fired up coast to coast and it was a real workout after the big meal, racing down the aisles for black friday deals. walmart, toys r us and target opened last night at 8:00 p.m. the decision to start black
6:30 pm
friday deals early sparked controversy. early signs show that sales are strong. not everyone feeling the holiday spirit. this is youtube video of walmart shoppers in georgia for a prepaid cell phone. walmart says no one was hurt in the scuffle. the company says black friday 2012 is its best ever. this is the first year walmart started black friday on thanksgiving day and many embloiembloi -- employees walked off the job. scott budman braved the mall today and found a lot of happy shoppers. >> reporter: big crowds. deep discounts. and hospitals of tech tryouts. west field valley fair had a steady stream of shopper.
6:31 pm
happy kids and apparently happy consumers, confident enough to shop. >> we've been going around to our retailers just to see how things have been going and they've been exceeding all expectations. >> you get the real black friday experience, and i thought it would be cool. >> reporter: cool for video game fans who had an entire section of their own to play. apple updated its shopping app so you can send gift cards faster. its express shopping desk lets you grab and go in one swoop. microsoft saw traffic to test its new surface tablet as the tech stayed on top. >> you're constantly looking at some gadget, and it's become a necessity. as much as we fight it, you've got to have these things. >> with the surface coming out with microsoft and the mini ipad and the iphone 5 for apple, you
6:32 pm
have all these new products out, the halo game for the xbox. so all the big guys are out right now. >> reporter: with job and housing numbers up for the bay area recently, lots of people found lots of reasons to buy. >> it's the biggest shopping day of the girl. and sales. that's why. >> reporter: find what you want? >> yeah, unfortunately. >> reporter: you've been good, right? so go ahead and shot. scott budman, nbc bay area news. online retailers got some good holiday noose. from november 1 through the 18th, shoppers spent $10.1 billion online. that's a 16% increase compared to the same days last year. analysts say it's due to rising consumer confidence and promotions. e commerce represents 5% to 10% of spending in the u.s. and expected to be as high as 17% this year. that could get a big boost from cyber monday coming up next week.
6:33 pm
new tonight at 6:00, congress is on the verge of taking significant steps toward immigration reform. house republicans stung by their election day rejection by hispanic voters. they want to expand visas for foreign, science and tech students, and it would make it easier for those with green cards to bring their immediate families to the u.s. overseas violence is flaring up again between israel and gatza. israeli troops fired on palestinians who were surging toward a border fence tonight. one man is dead, nine others are hurt. a hamas leader said the violence will have no effect on the cease-fire that took effect on wednesday. peace talks remain under way in the middle east where leaders are negotiating the next phase of the truce, which is to lift restrictions at the border to
6:34 pm
allow palestinians and goods to move more freely. after egypt's president declared himself above judicial review, protesters hit the streets. muhammad morsi gave himself special powers because officials of the former regime are blocking the drafting of a new constitution. jim saida has the latest from tahrir square where thousands have gathered. >> reporter: it's a full and relatively peaceful tahrir square where about 10,000 anti-morsi protesters, who claim that he's made a power grab that will make him a virtual dictator. about five miles from here, there are apequal number of supporters who believe morsi when he says it will only be a two-month transition people and then will relinquish the special powers. part of the decree is that there will in two months time be a new
6:35 pm
constitution. the problem is in writing this constitution, those involved are all islamists. the other groups like liberals and secularists and representatives of the people demonstrating behind me boycotted the process because it became clear early on that morsi and the muslim brotherhood were intent on having islamic law as the law of the land. in alexandria, at least 25 people were injured as anti-morsi protesters raided and burned the muslim brotherhood's headquarters there. but the timing could not have been worse for morsi. the man two, after all, brokered the gaza cease-fire deal and is supposed to be entorsing it is fighting for his political life. hewlett packard has responded to questions about selling products directly to syria. the world's largest pc maker said in a letter today its
6:36 pm
products could have been delivered to syria through resellers or distributors. the s.e.c.'s office of global security risk had asked hp to describe the nature, duration and extent of its past and present business with syria. the company says it did not authorize sales of its products to that country. they still ahead at 6:00, getting into the holiday spirit. a live report at a tree lighting ceremony in san jose. and an orange and black friday. we'll explain. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. tracking clear skies in san francisco tonight for a couple of tree lightings in downtown with low 60s. 61 right now in san jose. it's going to get cold tonight.
6:37 pm
temperatures dropping into the mid 50s. your weekend forecast is coming up.
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there is a lot of activity in downtown san jose right now for christmas in the park. the emcee for tonight's festivities, marla taya. she joins us live. good evening, marla. >> reporter: janell, good evening.
6:40 pm
we're right underneath the beautiful circle across the street from christmas in the park. just minutes ago, we witnessed the annual tree lighting ceremony. here's a look at it. there is a 10-second countdown and the tree lit up. i know you saw that happen. thousands out here tonight. christy yamaguchi did the honors of lighting the christmas tree. this does not cost a penny, perfect for the family through the holiday season. it runs tonight through new year's day. back here live underneath the circle of palms, we are next to the hawaiian airlines. christy yamaguchi ice. we just held a ceremony with her and she talked to us about her
6:41 pm
nonprofit called the always dream foundation. >> we are excited and hopefully we can bring some low income families and children here to skate. but always dream just launched a couple of reading programs and some of the schools here in san jose, as well. so we're excited to be tackling childhood literacy now, which is the main focus. >> reporter: such an honor to be in the presence of christy yamaguchi. she's just a precious little thing. downtown ice is open through january 13, so you have more than a month to head on down. you can find out more information at are you a skater? >> i'm not. i was hoping to see you ice skate. >> reporter: if you want to see me break a leg, that's what would happen. >> marla, thanks so much. it's also beginning to look like christmas in san francisco. look at that. here's a look at the tree lit by
6:42 pm
our very own christina loren. she lit it just about 30 minutes ago. tree lighting, shopping, so much fun. >> marla, christina, we're all over the bay area tonight. >> they got it all covered. >> it looks cold here throughout the next couple of hours. here's a live view of downtown san francisco. more on that full holiday forecast coming up in a few minutes. coming up in sports, the fans want to know which quarterback is going to start for the 49ers this weekend when they face the saints. alex smith or colin kaepernick? we'll tell you one guy who may have let the cat out of the bag and find out if coach is still dodging the tough question.
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enjoy the weather now, because changes are on the way. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> at least another day or so of milder weather before we start to get some rainfall back across the bay area. right now, doppler radar showing dry conditions in santa rosa, san francisco, down to san jose. we are storm free. some of these drier winds we had filter in today produced near record setting heat. 73 in south san jose.
6:45 pm
that was one of the warmest. cupertino 71 and east san jose at 70. numbers are dropping and quickly. up in the north day, 51 in napa. down here towards sunnyvale, 55. let's take you outside and the bay bridge approach is slammed and busy. christmas in the park in san jose, marla is out here for that tree lighting ceremony tonight. a lot of action happening no matter where you are across the bay area. if you are doing any traveling tonight and tomorrow morning, the biggest concern continues to be what could be some dangerous weather, right on the interstate 5 corridor in the central valley from tracy south to fresno. we could see dense areas of fog that could reduce visibility
6:46 pm
less than a quarter mile tomorrow morning. we're getting saved from some wet weather. washington and oregon with rain, just in time to save us. sunny skies and we're going with some more milder weather. up against the coastline, 50s and 60s. then back for the interior valleys, even a few isolated 70s possible throughout saturday. here's the only hitch in that forecast. sunday, a little morning patchy fog building. other than that, all clear this weekend. our future cast at 7:00 a.m. starts off with clear skies. may get a little high level cloud cover, but no signs of any raindrops for the entire day. it's going to stay sunny for us throughout 5:00 p.m. temperatures with upper 30s and low 40s. 40s in napa.
6:47 pm
46 in san jose. and 46 in the hills around 1,000 feet. small business saturday, it's always about black friday but there are a lot of small businesses giving you great deals. temperatures in the low 70s for those interior valleys. i think they need some props. 71 here in santa rosa. 71 in livermore and low 70s in san jose. so near record setting throughout tomorrow's forecast. we'll stay dry throughout sunday and monday. the temperatures start to drop into the 60s and eventually some rainfall coming our way. this is our seventh week in a row with rain each and every week. looks like a good storm system on wednesday, about a 75% chance of rain, showers on thursday and then a second system next week throughout friday. that second storm on friday looks to be stronger. so we're doing good when it comes to the rainfall and doing sweet today.
6:48 pm
it was hard to believe it was just after thanksgiving. >> it was perfect. you've made it so beautiful the last few days. >> i'll take the credit. if you want to hit one of the park with a giants fan this season, we have good news for you. the giants are getting in on the black friday action by releasing single seat tickets for april, may and june of the 2013 season. find them online or at any dugout store. tickets for the rest of the season go on sale in february. henry with sports. >> a lot to talk about, especially in the nfl. jim harbaugh won't announce his target quarterback for sunday's game against the saints. but all signs point to colin kaepernick being the guy. okay. so the lyrics might not be the
6:49 pm
best clue, but it appears the 49ers are ready for change. dahntay whitener said kaepernick will start sunday. coach harbaugh was not as forthcoming this afternoon. >> this is not something we think is an advantage for us to talk about. you may have your opinions about it. it's unorthodox, so be it. you can call me names if you want or make sport of me. but that's the way we're going to go about it. >> unorthodox? you've got to love harbaugh. darren mcfadden will miss his third straight game with a ankle sprain. and the silver and black are hungry to snap their three-game losing streak. >> we're starving, tired of
6:50 pm
losing and just not having it go our way. most people don't understand, yeah, it's your job, but it's not like a normal person's job. you don't have this happen and go home with your family. it lingers with you. good and bad. people mess with you on twitter. you don't forget about losing and playing bad. so it's definitely something you want to get off of your film and out of your life and you want to get wins. they always say when you're losing, good things aren't as good, food doesn't taste as good and that's so true. we want to get back to winning and enjoying our lives. high school gridiron silver bowl. washington gets on his horse here, 35 yards for the touchdown. second quarter, 14-0 is the score. washington intercepts this, and
6:51 pm
he's going to take this baby 70 yards. some big plays in this game. that made it 22-0. they win their third straight silver bowl 38-13 is your final. the news continues to be negative regarding the nhl lockout. the league canceled all games through the middle of december, as well as the all-star game, which was scheduled for the end of january. to basketball now, pacific against st. mary's. the semifinals, second half, ulp up one. colin beatty hits the floater. pacific up by three. later in the half, pacific had a 14-point lead. rodrigo hits the three. they're from stockton. of course i've got to rock my team. pacific wins 76-66. first loss of the subpoena for st. mary's. over to stanford and northern
6:52 pm
iowa. second half, all stanford. jason randall, kapow. he finds john gauge behind the arc. 30 seconds left. stanford up 11. randall knocks down the three. he had 21 points and stanford wins 66-50. that will do it for sports. janell, you're a great reporter, you've asked several tough questions. you need to interview harbaugh so he doesn't say those tough questions aren't unorthodox. >> i'll get on that right away, henry. >> when you do that, give me a call. i need your help. >> happy thanksgiving, by the way. thanks, henny. for a full half hour of sports coverage, tune in at 10:30 tonight.
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unusual visitors pulled up today in front of the white house. the pair of clydesdales hauling a huge holiday tree. the frazier fir is from a farm in north carolina. first lady michelle obama with daughters accepted the tree officially. bo, the first dog, was also on hand. mrs. obama even commented on the wonderful fragrance of the
6:57 pm
frazier fir. it will be decorated by volunteers who turn out every year. we're continuing to follow the story two killed two women on highway 101. we'll have the latest on the investigation tonight. and that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. and we'll be back here at 11:00. have a great night.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> "extra, extra." >> now on "extra." >> thanksgiving brawl at halle berry's, the first video of hal >> thanksgiving brawl at halle berry's, the first video of hal halle after the

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